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  • Max Maxwell

    Hi Kristie, I have just finished reading your most interesting and engrossing ”On the Trail of Richard III”, however I detected a couple of errors I’d like to mention. On page 55 line 8 you write that Thomas a Becket was killed by four knights in the service of Henry I. Shouldn’t this read Henry II ? On page 162 line 7 ”In April of 1861” Surely this is an error and the date should be in the 1400s ? I thought the illustrations and their captions were an excellent visual accompaniment to the text. I live in Sydney Australia and watched a ”Looking for Richard” documentary on our SBS TV channel that included the reburial of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral. I’ve also recently read Philippa Langley’s co-authored book. Quite amazing that some people, including some in the Richard III Society, are questioning whether the skeleton that was discovered beneath the car park in Leicester really is Richard’s. On the balance of probabilities, given the evidence the skeleton provided, it would certainly appear to be the lost Richard. Thank you for your fascinating journey through Richard III’s Britain from his birth at Fotheringhay Castle to the fatal meeting with Henry Tudor and his army on Bosworth Field and onwards to the present day over 500 years later with Richard having finally been given a burial fit for a crowned and anointed King of England. Max Maxwell, Sydney, Australia 25/9/2017.