Richard III and Me


Richard III

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by this controversial king. Even before I was out of high school, my interest in Richard was high. I remember writing a melodramatic short story at university. In the story, Richard saves his nephews from Henry Tudor. (As a side note, this never kept me from also being interested in the Tudors. Both men were men of their time.) My fascination only grew stronger when a┬ábody was found underneath a car park in Leicester. I waited, along with the rest of the world, to see if this body was the dynamic Plantagenet ruler. Once the discovery was verified, I was excited to see the king’s resting place.

A planned trip to England suddenly found itself being re-routed so I could visit Leicester and see the site of the dig. I looked for books devoted specifically to locations associated with Richard but found none. Undeterred, I set out to write one so that other visitors to England, Holland, France and Belgium would find the planning easier. The World of Richard III is that book, and it is due out February 19, 2015. I hope you find Richard as equally fascinating as I have.